Gateways Christian Fellowhship


Gateways Christian Fellowship is an eldership-governed church, operating a collaborative team leadership based on Ephesians 4:12-13.

David Tweed

David Tweed

Our senior leader, David Tweed, together with his wife Paula, have served at Gateways for many years in a number of different roles.

David  carries the vision and direction for the fellowship. He regularly meets with Team Leaders who serve as heads of the different functions/departments of church life, most of whom are volunteers.

David has a passion for equipping and releasing leaders to fulfil the call of God on their lives.

There are also a number of credentialed ministers serving in various other capacities as volunteers or partly-paid staff.


Our elders meet regularly to pray, study the bible together, plan and direct with wisdom as the Lord leads and enables us. We believe in releasing the gift of leadership by appointing a recognised senior leader to chair the eldership and champion the vision/strategic objectives. We also seek to support and enable the leaders of the various ministries operating within our church.

David Tweed (Senior Leader)
Darren Jourdain
Kevin Palfreyman
Phil Prior


Our trustees action the legal work that may be required as a result of corporate decisions, and monitor the overall finances, property and building development.  They act and perform their duties as outlined in the Trust Deed.

David Tweed
Jono Turner
Kevin Palfreyman
Sacha Tyrrell

Team Leaders

Administration – Liz Cleland

Connect Group Oversight – David Tweed, Jono and Mary Turner, Edith Ladd and David Batchelor.

Creative Ministries – Darren Jourdain

Hospitality  – Christine Jourdain

Intercessors – Jo Proctor

Internships  – David Tweed

Just Life – To be advised

Kids Alive (Children’s Ministry) – Richard and Joy Ellis

Missions  (MAPP) – Betty Hills

Pastoral – Edith Ladd

Prayer and Ministry Teams

Youth  (Teens) – Nick Cleland

Young Adults – Daniel Palfreyman