Gateways Christian Fellowhship

Faye joined Gateways Christian Fellowship (then Christian Centre) in 1980 when she moved to Palmerston North to study at Massey.  She spent some time away, firstly in YWAM Australia and then in China where she was greatly encouraged by letters from the Palfreyman’s house group (era: late 80’s!). On her engagement to Mark (1994), he decided to throw in his lot with us at Gateways (then Christian Fellowship!).  During these years we served with the Overseas Christian Fellowship at Massey, Operation Friendship and also on the church’s MAPP team.

At the time of our marriage we were both committed to mission.  After being blessed with Amy and Joshua, the LORD started to nudge us about being ready to move into mission.  This really became possible through Mark taking a morning off each week to seek God.  At this time, it was quite miraculous how the LORD brought Niger up in many ways.  One of those was an article in the SIM magazine titled ‘Medical missionaries urgently needed in Niger!’ This started us on the journey that included time in Auckland, Hamilton and then France (to learn French) before arriving in Niger at the beginning of 2005.

Mark works at a small medical centre that grew out of a leprosy centre.  Apart from this work, he is also involved in outreach around the neighbourhood and with the prison ministry.  Faye helps around the compound as needed with such things as paying wages, looking after the guesthouse, making sure repairs get done and lots of book keeping.  She is part of a Bible study in Hausa (the language of the local people) for the women who work on the compound. She also has a couple of majority religion friends that she visits in the neighbourhood and is also involved with teaching literacy in the prison.