Gateways Christian Fellowhship


World Missions - Gateways Christian Fellowship

World Missions

Kids Alive - Gateways Christian Fellowship - Children's ministry

Children's Ministry

We have a thriving ministry catering to all ages. CRECHE -Available for preschoolers. KIDS ALIVE 5-10 Years (Su Batchelor) CATALYSTS 11-12 Years (Nicola Thompson)

Womens Coffee Group

Womens Coffee Group

This group of women meet fortnightly on a Wednesday 10am at “Rumour Has It” in Rangitikei Street PN. Contact Margaret Sturley for more info.

Young Adults Group - Gateways Christian Fellowship

Young Adults

For those who are no longer considered teenagers, but still young enough to lead an active life with a passion for God and God’s people, this could be your group. For more info talk to Nathaniel Peat, or Daniel Palfreyman or contact the church office.

Just Life Ministry - Gateways Christian Fellowship

Community Outreach

Free meals and good company. Monday nights from 6pm Closed - Now in recess.

Mens Coffee Group - Gateways CF

Mens Coffee Group

Men’s coffee group meets Thursday 10am fortnightly in the Plaza In a coffee shop opposite KMart. Contact Bill Power for info


Youth Group - Gateways Christian Fellowship

Youth Group

Teenagers with a Zeal for life who love hanging out with other’s around the same age group will want to join us in 2021.
Contact Nick Cleland for more info or contact the church office for more info.

Creating Community

Connect groups make the church smaller so it can get larger.
Encouragement and accountability for discipleship and growth in Christ is much more likely to happen in a small group context than in a large meeting.

We believe that if we create community with Christ and with one another in small groups, then the larger community of the church will be much stronger for it.