Gateways Christian Fellowhship

Our first involvement with Mila and Hernani Resueno was in the mid-eighties when Jono and Mary
Turner were looking for suitable outreach opportunities for their CATS (Church Action Training School)
students. Eric Hodgkinson, who was on the Church staff at the time, had met Mila in the 1970’s when he
was travelling with Youth for Christ, and recommended supporting her and Hernani with their Panabo
Foursquare Gospel Church. As a result, several CATS outreach teams went to Panabo, which is near
Davao on the island of Mindanao.
An ongoing relationship with the church resulted with numerous teams going to Panabo over the years.
We have had teams who taught practical skills such as quilting and flower arranging; teams that helped
them practically with their building programme and several teams of young people served the church as
needed. One of our current projects originated with a visit from one of our young men, Mark Pearce,
who saw the need of so many widows and also the need of the church for reliable staff. He set up the
project whereby donations from New Zealand are sent to the Panabo Church and they employ some of
these women in their church programmes. If you want to contribute to this project, please deposit your
donation into our Missions Account with the reference ‘CEM’. The most recent team which went to
Panabo Foursquare Gospel Church consisted of David Tweed and Jono and Mary Turner.
Mila and Hernani have a big heart for people, particularly the poor. In addition to leading the
Foursquare Gospel Church, they set up the Strength in the Valley Foundation. Under the umbrella of this
Foundation, they have a programme feeding and teaching children from poor families. They also
encourage rural pastors by visiting them and also by putting on conferences where they can gather and
receive teaching and be built up through fellowship and prayer. Mila and Hernani carry all the costs for
such events as the pastors are very poor. Another aspect of the work of the Foundation is disaster relief.
The most recent relief effort was in 2019 when a major earthquake occurred in the area.
Mila and Hernani plan to retire as pastors of the Church next year (2021) after 40 years of dedicated
ministry. They are hoping to take a break and perhaps attend a YWAM School and then they will
concentrate their efforts on the Strength in the Valley Foundation and their pastoral and practical
ministry among the poor.