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This Sunday at 10:30am at 174 Church Street Palmerston North.

 We welcome visitors to worship God with us and to hear His word.

While our city is designated orange we can meet as one church in up to four spaces.

 One of these is normally designated for our children’s programme.

Each space will be limited to 50 people plus essential workers.


Please help us keep everyone safe by doing the following:

1 MASKS IN. Wear a mask when you come onto the property and maintain social distancing until you get into your meeting room.

2 CHILDREN. (There will be no separate programme for the children over the Christmas/New Year period and children are invited to participate together with their parents and care givers.  The front foyer entrance will not be used at this time so please enter through the main foyer at the rear of the building.

3 CHECK-IN. Register or scan in at the welcome desk under the rear canopy. Should we be asked we can then meet our obligations for contact tracing. If you wish, you can sanitise your hands and also check your temperature is under 37.5 degrees as we have contactless thermometers. Those at the desk will help direct you to your meeting room.

4 RESPECT OTHERS. Remember that there are different levels of comfort at present around normal social behaviours such as shaking hands so, if in doubt, ask rather than assume.

5 PARTICIPATE. In the meeting we will have a time of worship and we will also share communion. Each meeting room has a meeting chair. There will be opportunity to pray, to share a scripture, an encouragement, or even a brief testimony. So come with a prepared heart.

6 RECEIVE. Come with expectation: to hear the Word of God and experience His presence, to receive from Him, to be encouraged, to be transformed. In addition each meeting room has people prepared to pray with you.

7 FELLOWSHIP. Enjoy time with one another at the end of the meeting. Each room has hospitality, seating, tea, and coffee.

8 CLEAN-UP. Be willing to tidy up, deal with rubbish, and help those who are cleaning up.

9 MASKS OUT. Wear a mask when you leave your space/room and outside until you leave the church property.

For the latest information and updates regarding meeting times and locations, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter using the link below and check out our Gateways facebook page.

For the latest information and updates regarding meeting times and locations, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter using the link below and check out our church facebook page.

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Thank you for visiting our website.

We hope that this site will give you a sense of the Lord’s agenda for Gateways and encourage you in your walk with Him.

About us

We’ve always been a “gateway church” for God’s purposes.

Our view of His Kingdom has always extended beyond the walls of our church and the limits of our human abilities and resources.

Since very early in our history, leaders in our fellowship have initiated and been involved in ministries and projects that have impacted our city, our nation and the nations of the world.

Gateways is a multigenerational and ethnically diverse congregation where people join together to worship God and seek His purpose for their lives.

We are a community committed to growth in worship, fellowship, equipping and missions.

We are a Spirit filled church, associated with the New Life Churches of New Zealand.

If you have any queries relating to the material on this site, please let us know. We would love to have you join us in a service.

If you are ever in our area, please feel free to drop in at the church during the week.

Our office hours are normally 9am-1pm Monday to Friday.

Gateways Christian Fellowship

About Us

Gateways Christian Fellowship

Our History

Our story began in the early 1960’s.
Mightily impacted by the Charismatic Renewal, we became known as Awapuni Christian Fellowship, then as we experienced considerable growth we moved to the centre of town and became known as Christian Centre

Our Values

We have 7 Core Values that reflect our history, experiences and story that meld together to form our corporate culture.
Our values form the foundation for everything that happens in our church community….